Thursday, May 21, 2009


Summer is nearly over. In two weeks, schools will once again open it's doors to PicassoKids. For Justin, Joi and Bubut, this means playtime is over. It's back to books and homeworks again.

So, while they still can, PicassoKids are making the most of these last few days playing, biking, swimming and just having fun.

Pretty soon, they'll bid goodbye to summer.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Last March, Joi's dad gave her a pair of cute, cuddly, soft, furry, little guinea pigs.This was her graduation gift because Joi did very well in school. She named them Mickey and ... guess what?Minnie!

Joi and Bubut love to play with Mickey and Minnie, too. They feed their pets with pellets and fresh grass. And give them clean water everyday. They have to keep Mickey and Minnie in a pink cage though coz there are big cats all over the house. We wouldn't want Mickey and Minnie to end up as cat food now do we?


Guess who Bubut wants to be like when he grows up? Little kids are very impressionable. At this stage of their formative years, they are already looking for role models for them to imitate. So all you grown-ups better behave. Make sure those youngsters only see positive values. Otherwise...
Big brother Justin already has his own sets of role models. I think one of them is good old Albert Einstein.