Monday, December 28, 2009


I don't FaceBook that much, and I most certainly don't get to play those games on FaceBook, but there is something about the FarmVille tune that just makes me wanna swing along with it. I think PicassoKids Joi and Bubut agree with me.


So when nobody's around, sign in to your FaceBook account and try dancing the FarmVille Dance! Hee-haa...

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Waiting For Christmas Morn

Oh What a joy...
Waiting for Christmas morn.
Will it be a dress? Will it be a toy?
Each tot will find as Christmas wraps are torn.

"So where is Christmas?", grown-ups might ask.
Why, you only need to look into a little child's eyes,
For you to find and unmask
Where the true meaning of Christmas lies.

'Tis in the act of selfless giving
Where you will find true enjoyment.
To see a child's eyes a-glowing
As his Christmas wishlist comes to fulfillment.

Take away traditions and all those expensive trimmings
And see Christmas in its barest simplicity.
Of a little Child born wrapped in shepherd's clothings,
A Gift of Salvation for all humanity.

-aurora lim